My Secret to Success

I’m back guys!


I have officially resurrected the awesomeness that is my blog to provide anyone who may bother reading this with a few minutes worth of distraction from whatever you are meant to be doing.

I apologise to anyone who went through sleepless nights wondering “why oh why has Louise not blogged recently?” And I have already prepared my excuses:

  • I have commitment issues. Like all things that I come to enjoy, I got tired of writing this blog.
  • I am in year 12 and doing seriously hard subjects and I do enough creative writing/bullshitting in English  that it more than made up for my lack of blogging
  • I forgot my password

See how good my excuses are? You should see me at school;

  • “Sorry I’m late… I missed my bus” (probably not a good idea if you’re late to a class after lunch)
  • Sorry I’m late… The staircase moved and I had to come via the dungeons”

Speaking of school, I have got almost all my half yearly exams back. Just waiting on 1 Unit Studies of Religion (Don’t judge me guys, it’s compulsory at my school) and I am actually pleasantly surprised with my results so far.

So being the awesome person I am (hence the blog title “Louise is Awesome”) I came up with a few handy hints, my Secrets to Success if you will, for anyone who wants to own their HSC.

Quality not Quantity

The platinum rule of exam studying. I know most parents/teachers/peers say that you have to spend hours a night studying, but truth be told I never have and I never will. I am a person who gets easily distracted. I spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, the Gods of Football, staring at blank walls, ANYTHING to procrastinate from studying.

Now don’t get me wrong. It is definitly important to dedicate time to studying, and deactiivating your facebook account wouldn’t hurt. But quality of study pwns over quantity. Overall, is there any point in slaving away for 5 hours a night and staying up until the wee hours of the morning, on something that is going to get you nowhere? I say no.

Make your notes interesting

I am an expert at this.

I would tell you, but I would rather show you… through interpretive dance PICTURES!

Here are a few of my faves

Simple Projectile Motion 101

 So there you go, just a few simple hints for owning the HSC.



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