Ryan Girdler > Jarryd Hayne

As my ‘loyal’ twitter and formspring peeps would be aware, I am currently at war with Phil ‘Buzz’ Rothfield from the Daily Telegraph following his ’50 Greatest Origin Players of  All Time’ article. The reason for my anger stems from the fact that Jarryd ‘Jayne’ Hayne and Israel Folau were chosen and (I hope you’re sitting down) Ryan. Girdler. Was. Not. Make sense? I don’t think so either.

Obviously Ryan doesn't understand it either...

The reason I have taken Ryan’s omission from the list so personally is that he was my first ever crush. I’m not even joking, I think I was 10 years old and I remember thinking that Ryan Girdler was the cutest thing ever. (A girl never forgets her first crush). So imagine my disgust when I see the headline on the back page of the newspaper and eagerly flick to the article… And to my horror, not only is there no Ryan Girdler, there’s a friggin’ half page photo of JARRYD HAYNE! To give you an indication of my reaction… I was in the shower, on the oppostite side of the house to the living room and could hear my Dad yelling about this very issue. My reaction was worse than his.

C'mon, what girl DIDN'T have a crush on 'Girds'?

I actually sent Phil Rothfield some angry tweets detailing my extreme anger and this is how it went down:

Me: How the hell is Jarryd Hayne in the ‘Top 50 Greatest Origin Players’ and Ryan Girdler isn’t? You are kidding yourself @PhilRothfield

Phil: @louiiseee_ Best thing girdler ever did for #NRL was retire

Me: @PhilRothfield What about Girdler scoring 52 points in 2000. Wasn’t that the most ever for a player in one series? What has Hayne done in origin to even slightly resemble that?

And then he never got back to me.

So Phil, if you are reading this, here are my thoughts on why Ryan Girdler is greater than Jayne and should be included as one of the greatest Origin players of ALL TIME. EVER. IN HISTORY.

  1. He scored 52 points in the 2000 origin series. The most that ANY player has EVER scored in one series
  2. That same year he also equalled Dally Messenger’s record (1911) for most points in a state of origin game (32), making a bigger impact on the match than Messenger had as he scored 3/9 of his teams tries, while Messenger scored 4 (worth 3-points each)in his teams 15 try run-in.
  3. He scored the fastest ever try after just 39secs in game three of the 2001 series
  4. Scored the most goals in one Origin match during the 2000 series kicking 10/10
  5. Scored the most goals in an Origin series, with 16 goals in 2000
  6. Shares the record for most tries in one series (5 in 2000) with Lote Tuqiri (5 in 2002)

Simply beautiful.

While Hayne’s performance in the 2009 series (albeit in a losing team) was nothing short of spectacular, the fact remains that he has not produced the same level of performance as Ryan Girdler has. Sure, in years to come he may well earn his spot in the ‘Greatest Origin Players of All Time’ but it is too early in his representative career to have him in there now. Maybe when hhe actually runs the ball forward rather than throwing it over the sideline, he’ll be on his way there…

Jarryd Hayne's brain explosion wouldn't blow his hat off on a windy day if his brains were made of dynamite.

Thoughts? Feel free to either leave a comment, or formspring me anonymously if you feel like shit-stirring 🙂




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