Louise vs. The Anonymous Critic

Just practising my angry face...

 Sorry I’ve been AWOL for so long  guys, my friend Emily and I have started a blog dedicated to NRL at In the Ruck. So ch- ch- ch- ch- check it out 🙂 (Yes that was a reference to Usher’s ‘OMG’. Well spotted). But because I am going to post an angry rant at my anonymous formspring attacker, I decided to revive this blog, rather than bring down the awesomeness of our collaborative effort. 

As you may have seen if you’re following me on Twitter or on Facebook, I have recently been under attack from an anonymous, NRL-hating coward. I have included some of the questions  they have asked me that I have taken as personal attacks and my fiery responses. I have left the posts exactly as they are to show you their disturbing lack of spelling/punctuation/grammar: 

Q: i am sorry but u srsly need 2 get a life over NRL, everyone is over u talking about it constantly 

A: Well since a large majority of my friends are also NRL fans I guess that not EVERYONE is over me talking about it constantly, so your argument is flawed.
What would you prefer me to talk about? Justin Bieber? HA!
Also, I’m sorry but you could do with a dictionary, everyone is probably over you making stupid spelling/grammatical errors. (Just a thought)

Q: at least my errors arent r thing dat every1 complains about saying omg dat louise chick is so gay, all she does is talk about football your friends r probs just talking about it because they dont want 2 hurt your feelings maybe ask them see what dey say? 

A: For fuck’s sake I cannot even read this question, it took me like five tries to even comprehend what you are attempting to say.
Would you like to give me some names/evidence of people not liking what I have to say? That way I can ask them “see what dey say”… If it’s true then there shouldn’t be any problem for them to tell me to my face that they would like me to tone down on the NRL talk, rather than appoint you as anonymous representative to attack me over formspring?
Also, if people didn’t ask me questions about NRL then I wouldn’t answer questions about NRL. So obviously some people are interested since they go out of my way to ask me these questions and read my blog. And I generally thought ‘gay’ meant homosexual, defined as “romantic or sexual attraction or behavior among members of the same sex”. So my love for hot football players isn’t exactly ‘gay’ is it?
Oh and by the way, you see that key between the ‘Y’ and ‘R’? That is called ‘T’ and maybe you should learn to use it… It’s really not that hard to type ‘that’ or ‘they’ instead of ‘dat’ and ‘dey’.

Q: can you shut up for like a second on nrl 

A: nope.
Can you stop being a prick and posting anonymous bitchy questions on my formspring for like a second?

Q: no i wont stop being a prick and posting anonymous bitchy questions! You annoy the shit out of me with your nrl clogging my newsfeed and twitter account. get a fkn life

A: Well then you don’t have to follow me on twitter if it’s clogging your precious feed up. Would you rather me post about Justin Bieber or something stupid like that?
If it’s so annoying why not have the courage to tell me to my face or at least tell me who you are so I know who to not talk about NRL with again. Maybe you should get a life instead of hating on mine? yeah?

As you can see, not only is my hater an anonymous jerk, they also lack the ability to spell and use correct grammar and punctuation. Maybe if they had been a little more intelligent about the way they went about their anonymous bitchiness then I would find their attack a little more concerning.

What I find most offensive is not their attack on me and their attempt to make me feel bad about myself. It is their dissing of the NRL. When someone bags out the NRL, I liken it to insulting my religion, and I will not stand for it. Sure, I’ll be the first to admit I do talk excessively about NRL… But is there anything wrong with a girl supporting a sport she loves? How is this any  worse than people who tweet excessively about Justin Bieber, Hamish & Andy, Gossip Girl, etc? In a society where obesity is a growing  epidemic, shouldn’t one be encouraged to have an interest in a sport that involves healthy, attractive males promoting physical activity? (Granted my ‘interest’ is better described as an ‘obsession’, but the idea is still the same). I hate to sound cliche, but does it all come down to the fact that I am a girl? Is this anonymous formspring dickhead just another one of those misogynistic dickheads who think girls have no business showing any interest in football? Or could it possibly be another girl giving me a not-so-subtle hint that maybe I should pull down the  NRL posters from my walls, and replace them with pictures of Twilight?

If that is the case (and I hope for their sake that it isn’t) this person has serious issues. It is interesting to note that they refuse to reveal their identity, perhaps because they know they are in the wrong? Perhaps, it is because they know that if I found out I would smack them down in a second? Or maybe, they are scared of the backlash they would receive over their absolute ignorance.

The NRL, in fact, hold a Women in League Program in order to recognise and reward the importance of women in the game. It is to raise awareness of the significant roles women hold in Rugby League and their important contributions to the code in Australia. As NRL CEO David Gallop said:

“The Harvey Norman Women in League Round is a celebration of the role women play in Rugby League and also a chance for us to say thank you to the many women who help build the foundations of our game”

 This coming round, starting the 25th of June, will be the fourth annual Women in League Round. As the NRL continues in their attempt to encourage women to take a greater standing within the rugby league community, maybe we should all put our differences aside and realise that there is nothing wrong with a girl interested in NRL. In fact as one facebook group was so kind to point out “There is nothing hotter than a girl who likes NRL”.

Anyone who thinks otherwise… the 1950s called; they want their attitude back.

To find out more about what your team is doing for the 2010 Women in League round, go here

Feel free to leave a comment, or if you’re a cowardly pussy you can feel free to go here and tell me what you think.


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  1. * Sammi says:

    Very well said!! Bet you they’re a Twilight fan who can’t handle someone out there doesn’t love that creepy unwashed vampire guy… lol

    btw I love women in league round!! Its great to see them acknowledge women in all areas of the game, support charities and make it more than just some token afterthought. And…. PINK V!!! =D

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 12 months ago
  2. * Danielle says:

    if this person is so annoyed by you why do they follow you on like 3 different social networking sites? this is obviously one of those people with no friends in real life so they add everything that moves on the internet in the hopes of making anything resembling a connection since no one wants to put up with them since they’re very obviously an idiotic asshole. who cannot spell and is probably just making those comments and posting those questions because they have no idea what you’re referring to when you talk about NRL since they are obviously exceedingly stupid 🙂

    gosh the pink facial hair is hilarious. i love how they are so comfortable with their masculinity that they can die their facial hair hot pink, and it is such a great way for them to show their support 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 12 months ago

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