Unpredictability and indecisiveness

WTF. Seriously.

2010 has been a strange year. It has been a year of unpredictability and indecisiveness.

For instance, Australia couldn’t decide on a Prime Minister, with the 2010 Federal Election resulting in a hung parliament and taking three independents over two weeks of self-indulgent speeches and empty promises to decide that Australia would be governed by our first ever female AND ranga Prime Minister.

Cameron Smith couldn’t decide which contract to sign… So he signed them all, and the Melbourne Storm were $3.17 million over the NRL salaray cap.

Then, non-AFL fans such as myself found out the hard way that the AFL cares not for getting a result in their grand finals. Instead, after three hours and with a 68-all scoreline, they decide to send 100000 fans home and ask them to come back the week after. Faced with the prospect of NEVER-ENDING-AFL should (god forbid) there be another draw, the AFL decide that in Grand Final: Take 2 there will be extra time played. In typical AFL style, the grand final rematch ended up being a collossal anti-climatic blowout, with Collingwood convincing winners over St Kilda. A lose-lose situation for AFL fans alike, and a win for Andrew Demitriou who is currently swimming in an Olympic-sized swimming pool of money.

The winner of Australia’s Next Top Muddle Model was Kelsey… LOL just kidding, it was Amanda.

Officials at the Commonwealth Games couldn’t decide who had broken at the start of the women’s 100m run so let the English runner compete under protest after originally disqualifying her, and a whopping four hours later decided to disqualify Australia’s Sally Pearson after the English team protested.

And then, this one time, I couldn’t decide whether to wear my black Havianas, or my white ones. So I wore one of each.


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